On November 17th and 18th Lewiston School District’s Braille specialists Christine Jorgens and Sonya Preussier added new math skills to their tool box by attending a Nemeth Code and Abacus Workshop presented by Tina Johnson and Susan Baker. Susan provided Christine and Sonya with basic training introducing Nemeth code and how to use switch indicators when Nemeth code is to be embedded within the UEB code. Training included hands on exercises using Nemeth code symbols and formatting used to transcribe.

Susan teaches Nemeth Code Tina provided hands on opportunities for learning the basics of using an abacus. Christine and Sonya manipulated counting beads to solve addition and subtraction problems. An introduction to multiplication was also provided during the training. Christina and Sonya were not the only students that participated in this workshop. Tina was able to add to and refine her Nemeth skills, and Susan was able to refine her abacus skills. What a great way to learn from colleagues! Although the workshop was 8 hours total, not all of the material that was planned to be presented was shared. Tina and Susan provided words of wisdom and their contact information so that Christine and Sonya can seek support when they need it. Tina and Susan look forward to continued collaboration with Lewiston School District and hope to be able to provide additional workshops in the future.