Camp staff and students

Idaho Sawtooth Camp for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Kids 2017 was held in McCall at Pilgrim Cove. There were 23 Deaf and Hard of Hearing Campers and 6 staff members. The camp was located on the scenic Payette Lake nestled in the woods. Daily the campers saw deer that came into the camp, enjoyed watching the prairie dogs pop out of their holes,and was also fortunate to see a fox during breakfast one morning! The daily activities were swimming, kayaking and paddle boarding on the lake, this was truly the highlight of camp. There were also mini workshops where campers learned some sign language, those who already knew how to sign were asked to be the teachers! The campers did a fabulous job!

Other activities were crafts and lots of games. Every evening wrapped up with a glowing fire pit where the bar was raised by skipping the traditional s'mores and making monkey bread, cookie s'mores and ice cream cone s'mores. The kids loved the variety of treats and typically ran off the sugar by playing a late night game of tag. The campers also had the pleasure of visiting the Idaho Fish and Game, McCall Fish Hatchery where they were gracious enough to give the campers a private tour. The frozen Otter was surprisingly super soft to touch, seems the Otters swim up the water tunnels that feed the hatchery,this is stressful to the fish population so they have to rid the animal. The campers were able to fish in a local pond, but the only thing that was caught was the Camp Director's finger! Poor April! The dangers of signing instructions while campers are casting is real!! With all the great memories a music video was created and the song was specifically chosen because of its positive message it shares about accepting ourselves as who we are and knowing you are good is vital to ones self worth! The Idaho School for the Deaf and the Blind plans to continue with the tradition of hosting a summer camp every year. We look forward to seeing new and veteran campers next year!