Public Notice

Notice: The IESDB Board of Directors will be holding a Regular Board Meeting November 110th, 2020. The meeting will begin at 2:00 pm.

Covid-19 Response - Updated 10/26/20, 10:00 AM

Stakeholders, Parents, and Community Members,

First, as always, we want to provide a safe supportive learning environment for our students, many of whom fall within very vulnerable health categories.

As a Leadership team, we have analyzed data and have noticed the spread and number of cases moving fast, and not in a good way. We also have had significant staff shortages, directly linked to quarantine and COVID related issues, which have impacted all departments.

At this time, it saddens me to say, I do not think we can meet all the criteria we need to do this well and safely in an “in person” environment. Subsequently, we have concluded that the safest, and best, way to provide education is through digital means. We have decided to begin this plan starting October 26, 2020.

All students and staff who are on our campus (those who can put on and take off masks unassisted) will still be required to wear PPE within the CDC recommendations

Be Well, Be Safe, We got this!!!

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student with poster reading me plus white cane equals independence

The Department of the Blind/ Visually Impaired staff and students united to celebrate White Cane day in October. They carried their posters during a walk along Main Street in Gooding, to build the awareness of the general public about White canes and their use within the Blind /Visually Impaired population.

International White Cane Safety Day helps increase awareness across the globe about important safety considerations when encountering people using canes.

  • The white cane signifies that the pedestrian using it is blind or visually impaired.
  • The white cane alerts motorists of the need to exercise special caution and provide the user the right of way.
  • The white cane symbolizes the independence, confidence and skills of the person who is using it.