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santa waves and holds a christmas list with a student on his lap

Santa came to the Region 5 Christmas get-together held on the College of Southern Idaho in Twin Falls….and Matthew was ready! Matthew brought his 7-page Christmas list, handwritten in dark marker. Jill Andrus, IESDB Consulting Teacher of the Blind/Visually Impaired, reported that during his braille instruction time, he practiced writing items from his list.

Matthew, along with his mom, dad, and sister, were one of seven families that attended, with 40 people in all. Children with a hearing and/or vision loss and their families were invited. Santa (a.k.a. John Philips who works at Seastroms) chatted with children using sign language. Matthew asked about Mrs. Clause and types of cookies Santa preferred (chocolate chip) with Kristy Buffington, Elf, interpreting (she is also the IESDB Post-Transition Coordinator). Matthew listened closely, asking follow-up questions as needed (is warm or cold milk the best?).

santa and his elf talk with student

Lorna Irwin, Hands and Voices Coordinator, oversaw a popular craft activity: making ornaments with plastic beads and a heated iron. Other crafts were cookie decorating and coloring Winter pictures with our IESDB Consulting Teachers of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing, Heather Burgen and Tammy Wilhoite. Jenny Hirai (IESDB Consulting Teacher of the Blind/Visually Impaired) had a table of pipe cleaners, fruit loops, noodles and string for original creations.

Happy Holidays to all! Matthew, we look forward to hearing what Santa left under your Christmas tree this year!