Sherri Ybarra

Board Chair, Superintendent of Public Instruction

Sherri Ybarra was elected and took office on January 5, and has served as Idaho’s Superintendent of Public Instruction since 2015. She was awarded “Outstanding Educator” twice in her career, and has experience with receiving numerous, progressive grant proposals and projects such as acquiring funding for educational advancements in 21st century technology, learning labs, and mastery-based education. As State Superintendent of Public Instruction, she understands the importance of ensuring students have the necessary resources and support to succeed in the 21st Century—this ongoing effort is the vision of her administration, which is “Supporting Schools and Students to Achieve.”

In leading the State Department of Education, she oversees nearly 300,000 students, 728 schools, 165 districts and charter schools, along with 20 years of experience in all facets of education. She also serves as an ex-officio voting member and as executive secretary of the Idaho State Board of Education for all elementary and secondary school matters.

During her career she has also served as a classroom teacher, administrator, Federal Programs Director, Curriculum Director and District Office Administrator.

The Superintendent received a B.A. in Elementary Education, from West Liberty State College in West Virginia, an M.A. in Educational Leadership, from the University of Idaho, an Ed. S.E.D., with an emphasis in the Superintendency, from the University of Idaho, and is currently working towards completion of her Doctorate, in education.