student using monocular device

For additional information about any of the programs or services provided by the IESDB, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

The IESDB has been serving the Great State of Idaho since 1906, and is established under Section 33-3401 of Idaho Code with the purpose of providing supplemental educational services, early invention/education, consultation, and transition support to families and local school districts throughout the state of Idaho. As stated in Statute: “The goal of IESDB is to assist school districts and state agencies in providing accessibility, quality and equity to students in the state with sensory impairments through a continuum of service and placement options.”

Mission: A Continuum of Services

For all youth, birth to 21 years with hearing or vision loss, including those with other disabilities and deafblindness, in the State of Idaho:

  • The Idaho School for the Deaf and the Blind is the center of educational expertise for these children, their families, and local education providers.
  • The IESDB's residential and outreach programs provide a consortium of educational opportunities, services, and supports designed to ensure these children achieve their highest potential.